Friday, 15 March 2013

No More Snow!

We keep hearing that, in spite of all the snow we've got this winter, this has not been a record snowfall.

That's sort of hard to believe, when you look out your door to this:

The fence has now disappeared.  Poor Penn just sinks down into the snow.

Good thing he has Ciara to break trails for him.

Just for comparison, here is how it looked this time last year.

First day of spring is next week...will spring ever come?



  1. Hi Maureen, i agree about the snow, it seems like we've had three winters worth of snow this year, and it just wont stop coming down! I've been doing lots of yarn stuff ttoo, altho for me it is currently hats! I've several nieces and it seems that hats are something they like. Oh, and fingerless gloves, altho I did a lot of those last year! Hope you feel better soon, maybe our coming "spring" will make us all feel more light heated, Michelle

  2. This winter is by far worse than last winter as far as snow. It's snowing again today and it's March!!!