Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday Finishes....and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Hope the weather holds out for the kids to go out trick and treating.  I stopped at the grocery store and bought some candy.  I didn't want to buy it any earlier than today, because I knew that I would eat it all.  I also didn't buy any chocolate, since that is my weakness.   I don't usually get many (or some years any!) kids at my place, but since Halloween is on a Friday this year there might actually be some.

Not a lot got finished this week.  I did get a bag done yesterday.

It's part of my sister's Christmas present (she doesn't read my blog; at least I don't think she does!).  I used part of the leftover zipper to make a zipper pull on this one.  I'm going to put some 'purse things' in it; lip gloss, some hard candies, hand lotion, etc.

I also finished the first sock in my 13th pair.

It looks lonely there!  I've cast on its mate and have about an inch done.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Funny

Happy Sunday!

My furbabies aren't that subtle; they just plop themselves down on top of whatever I'm working on!


Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday Finishes

I did get a couple of things finished earlier this week.  The last part of the week has been pretty much a write-off, due to some sort of stomach bug taking up residence.

I finished off my 12th pair of socks for the year.  I'm calling them my Neon Nightmare.

I'm pretty pleased that I managed to line the stripes up so well.  These socks have been entered in Entirely Crafty's Knock your Socks Off October contest.

I also finished a new project bag, using the green fabric I bought last Friday.  I did a lot more quilting on this bag, so it feels solider and has more structure to it.

I'm hoping that this stomach bug will ease up enough this weekend so that I can get some more crafting done.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Things Acquired in the last couple of weeks

I feel slightly like a Ferengi, talking about the Rules of Acquisition.  They must have had a rule about getting all the fabric!

Anyway, the day after my class at Peachtree I stopped at Fabricland to pick up some more zippers.  I truly honestly swear to Dog that I was just going in, grabbing some zippers, paying and going out.

But I stopped to look at fabric and found some Mary Engelbreit fabric.  It was in the marked down section; only $5.00/metre!  I couldn't help it, I had to get some!

I probably didn't need two metres of each, though.  Oh well, like the bottom one says "I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it".

Then, last Friday, I stopped in Cindy-rella's on my way to get my flu shot.  These fabrics loudly campaigned to come home with me, so what could I do?

For some reason, Cindy sells fabric by the yard rather than the metre.  I bought half a yard of each of these, so I'll have two American fat quarters.  American fat quarters are smaller than Canadian fat quarters, so I have to be careful when I'm cutting it for project bags.

I've already used the green fabric to make a bag.  Katie helped by holding down the fabric for me.


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Funny

Happy Sunday!

It's a beautiful fall day here!  I hope this weather lasts a long time; I am not ready for winter snow.

Hope that wherever you are you had a wonderful Sunday.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New Project Bag!

I haven't been overly productive the last couple of months.  My depression reared its ugly head, and I haven't been able to concentrate long enough to really get anything done.  My focus has been to get on top of it. I've started exercising and that's taking up a lot of my time.

When the fall class schedule came out at Peachtree, I didn't think I could take on a class that would run over a few weeks.  However, Peachtree offered some Friday night classes; one night, four hours, and a completed project at the end of it!  Sounded great!

I signed up for a class on October 10.  The class was to make another type of bag.  I've become addicted to making bags since I took the class in the spring.

I enjoyed the class, but there was a problem.  The class ran from 7 PM to 11 PM, after I had worked all day.  Around 9:00 my brain just shut down.  It was a good thing I had my seam ripper with me since I had to use it so many times!

Still, I came out of the class with a finished bag.

This was the large size, and it's great for a project bag for my knitting.

Speaking of knitting, this is my current pair of socks.

I think this is the 12th pair I've knit this year.  Two more to go to make my goal of 14 pair!