Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sunday Funnies--The Tenth Doctor

This is going to be short tonight...Sunday is almost over!  But I went to Google Images, and found a couple of memes with the Tenth Doctor!

And think of the storage space in the Tardis!

And you realize it wasn't you being unable to follow a pattern...

Okay, this isn't the Doctor, but I do love this cartoon!

Have a Happy Halloween!


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sunday Funnies--Cats and Yarn!

Hello!  As you can tell, from my profile picture, I am owned by a cat.  Here's Katie, doing her best to be a scary Halloween cat.

So when I was going through Google Images looking for a theme for today, I found that there are a lot of memes showing cats with yarn.  So...

Sneaky kitty!

Katie doesn't disguise herself as wool to get me to notice her.  She just comes up and plops herself on top of my hands so I can't knit.

I posted on Facebook on Friday that it took me an hour to unravel the yarn barf that came out of the ball of yarn I wanted to knit with.  I would not be happy if I had to unravel due to one of the animals making a mess of it!

I love the cross eyed look as the cat is trying to focus on the needle!

Hmmm.  Maybe one of these days I need to knit a little hat for either Katie or Penn....

Have a good week!

PS. Why, in this day and age, does spellcheck not recognize Google or Facebook?


Friday, 21 October 2016

The Guild Sale has started!!

The Regina Weavers and Spinners Guild annual sale has started!  And there are amazing items for sale!

The handwoven tea towels are always a crowd pleaser, and tend to go fast!  And there are some lovely Christmas items for sale as well!

And shawls and scarves!  These are so gorgeous...someone will be lucky to get these!

Another beautiful handwoven scarf.  And the picture beside is little felted plant holders, and some even have succulents in them.  I have been told that it's pretty near impossible to kill these, but these should go to a home that will take care of them.

And there is handspun to be had!  There are some amazing skeins of handspun yarn, and beautiful items made from handspun.  (The spinning wheel is not for sale!)
And beneath that, we have lots of handmade socks, mittens, and handwarmers.  (okay, I took the picture with mine in the middle).

Have I said amazing enough times?  Really, if you're in the Regina area, stop by the Seniors Citizens Centre at 15th and Elphinstone.  There is no admission fee for this sale--it's free to get in! Get your Christmas shopping started!  The sale is today from 5:30 to 8:00, and tomorrow from 10:00 to 4:00.

And....I saw some lovely goodies just waiting to be munched on...


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

WIP Wednesday--Getting ready for the sale!

I'm almost ready for the Regina Weavers and Spinners Guild sale this weekend!

This is the last pair of socks that I'm putting in the sale.  This picture was taken at 5:00 this afternoon.  I went for a knit night with a friend this evening (hi Janie!) and all that is left is to kitchener the toe, and weave in the ends on the cuffs.

I also managed to get some more done on the Simple Yet Effective shawl this week.

I'm on the last colour, a beautiful light cobalt blue.  The picture is showing the colours well!  I want to wear this Saturday when I'm working at the sale.  And of course I'll be wearing some of my hand knit socks (with my Birkenstocks to show them off!)


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sunday Funnies (Downton Abbey Edition)

The day is grey and cool outside, and I feel like Knitflixing today.  I think I'm in a Downton Abbey mood today.  The Dowager Countess has definite opinions about knitting...

You especially don't discuss it with non-fibre people!  They just don't understand why you need that skein of sock yarn when you already have a couple of bins full of sock yarn.  But you don't have that one!

I'm afraid I do use stitch markers.  Otherwise I forget where that darn pattern starts on my row and suddenly the cable is decidedly wonky.

I've reached the age where if I get interrupted, I have no idea where I'm at.  If I'm counting large numbers, I'm likely to get nasty if I've lost track.

And one from Lady Mary

I've never experienced this...

Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Three Weeks Later

This seems to be turning out into a weekly look out my patio door!

As you can see, the snow is mostly gone.  I don't get a lot of direct sunlight on my deck this time of year, so there is still some snow hanging in there.  I need to get out there and get things ready for winter.  The solar lights need to come in, the furniture needs to be folded up and covered, and the basin of the bird bath needs to be taken off and brought in.

But today seems to be starting out bright even if it's a little cool.  Thank goodness for sunshine!


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

WIP Wednesday--October 12, 2016

How the heck is it Wednesday again?

I'm still working on the same two things.  I want to get these done for the guild sale next week; the socks to go in the sale, and the shawl to wear at the sale!

I've made progress on the socks, and I think these will be done for sure for next week.

These are women's small socks, and the colourway is Tea Party. I'm knitting on 2.25 mm Knitpro Zings.

The shawl is coming along, but I'm not sure if I'll be finished!

The shawl pattern is the Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau.  I'm knitting it on 4 mm Knitter's Pride Karbonz needles.  The yarn is Tough Stuff Sock by The Wacky Windmill in the Sand Between My Toes colourway.

Kim's etsy shop The Wacky Windmill on etsy is currently in vacation mode as she's been doing some fibre shows.  After the last fibre show on October 15, she plans to put up whatever remains of her stock, and will be closing her shop after items sell out or the end of the year (whichever comes first). Our local fibre community is going to miss Kim, as she has become a favourite supplier (enabler?).  I know I'm going to be checking out what's in her shop in a few days.


Monday, 10 October 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  A time to look at our lives, and think of what we have with gratitude.

I'm thankful for my family and friends, for the improvement in my health, for the ability to learn new things, for the ability to have sufficient food and shelter.  I'm thankful to live in a place where I'm unlikely to experience hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and major flooding.  I'm thankful to live in a country that is enriched by many different cultures coming together.

I'm thankful to be able to write this.

 While looking on Google Images for pictures for today, I found this.

I hope that you have a wonderful day, whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving today or not.  I'm thankful for you too!


Saturday, 8 October 2016

Look At What Came in the Mail Yesterday

Yesterday when I went outside to go to work I found a parcel in my mailbox, and attached with a rubber band was an appropriate postcard.

I'm a member of Postcrossings online.  You send postcards around the world, and you get postcards back from around the world.  Yesterday's postcard was from Abby in Great Britain.  The sheep on the postcard is one local to her region.  She said that the wool is too coarse for garments, and is mostly used for carpets.  She did say what type of sheep this is, but unfortunately I don't remember.  The postcard went up on the wall of my cubicle at work, so I can enjoy looking at it all the time. This is definitely one of my favourite postcards received so far.

And in the parcel itself there was some yarny goodness!  About a year ago, WEBS had in their clearance section, the Regia Stadion Color.  One of the colourways was white, green and black.  I bought a couple of balls,as it almost matched our local football team. I found out later that there was a green and white colourway, which is perfect for our team (go Riders!) but of course this line was discontinued, which was why WEBS had them in clearance. 

I was talking with someone at work about the socks I make, and how I had made the white/green/black striped socks for a friend.  It got me to wondering if I could find any of the green and white out there somewhere,  So, off to Google I went. I found three balls in the green and white colourway!  And even better, is was in Canada!

Aren't they pretty!  They'll make beautiful green and white striped Rider socks!

I also got these needles in the same package.

These are German Strickspiel sock needles.  According to the Neko Website, these needles "makes knitting socks, hats and loops easier, faster and much more comfortable".

There's a reason I bought these needles.  Last spring, my friend Susie (who is Knit Natural) had these needles at our Open Fibre Night.  She was going to try them out and do a blog post on them, but didn't have time at the moment.  She asked if I would be interested in trying them and doing a guest blog post, and I said sure, after I finished my current pair of socks.

Well, I put those needles in my project bag,  And somehow, I've managed to misplace the project bag and her needles.  I know they're around here somewhere, but I just haven't been able to figure out where.  And it's been bothering me.  So when I found these needles, I bought them to replace Susie's needles.  So that's one thing off my conscience!

By the way, Susie is the designer of the famous Bankhead Hat.  If you haven't made one yet, you should make one soon!  It's a wonderful pattern, and creates a wonderful hat.  I've made one

and have another one on the needles (somewhere, probably with that other project bag!).  

Have a wonderful Saturday!  Hope the weather is co-operating where you are.  US south east coast people, please keep safe, warm and dry!  I worry about you!


Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday Finish--October 7 2016

TGIF!!  And for Canadians, it's a long weekend!

There's still snow on the ground, but I'm ignoring that right now.

Katie is trying to help me write this morning.  She keeps tapping the keyboard.  Unfortunately, what she's typing just isn't making sense, so I've had to edit it out!

Just one finished item this week.  My Knit Picks Candy Jar socks.  These are a women's large (North American 9.5 +).

Not the greatest of pictures--I used my tote bag for a quick background, and you can see Katie's white toes in the top.  But these are really pretty socks.  I'm going to put them in the guild sale.  If they don't sell, my feet will love them!

It's been five years now since my baby boy Penn joined the household.  Here's a picture taken when I brought him home.  Such a cutie!  He's very much a terrier (or terrorist as I call him somedays).

Katie is determined that I've spent too much time tapping on the computer, and not enough time patting her.  Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


Thursday, 6 October 2016

Two Weeks Later

I really hadn't intended to do this as a weekly thing, but waking up to this needed a picture.

In a word, yuck.

I had to give in yesterday and turn the furnace on  I had hoped to hold out until Thanksgiving, but it was getting too cold inside.

Looking at the Environment Canada forecast, it looks like we're getting more snow today, but will be going above 0 degrees Celsius by the weekend so this should (hopefully) be gone soon.

Now where did I put my scarves and toques?


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

WIP Wednesday--And I Spoke Too Soon

Happy Wednesday!  I'm feeling under the weather today.  The thing that has been going around has caught up with me, and I'm not feeling well at all.

Speaking of weather...remember on Sunday how I said that there was no mention on the 's' word in the forecast?  Yeah, not so much...

Yes, that is snow on the ground.  There's not a lot of it, but really.  We do not want snow!  The only good thing is that it will not last.  But it's snow!!

I do have some WIPs to show today.  I started this yesterday, since cooler weather makes me want something warm around my neck..

I'm making the Simple yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau.  I'm using the Sand between My Toes colour gradient yarn I bought from The Wacky Windmill a couple of weeks ago.

And of course I have socks on the needles.

These are Women's size small socks (North American size 5 to 7) using Knit Picks Felici in the Tea Party colourway.  The plan is that these will go into the guild sale later this month, but I need to get them done first!

Hope you're having a good day.  If you're on the East Coast on the US, I hope that Matthew doesn't hit you too hard.

Take care!


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sunday Funny

Happy Sunday!

We're having beautiful weather right now.  Yesterday felt more like a summer day than fall, and there was actually a thunder storm during the middle of the night.  The forecast says it will be cooler and rainy later this week, but so far no mention of the 's' word.

I decided today that instead of looking for knitting cartoons on Google images that I would look for knitting memes.  There are some great ones out there!

For example

Okay, that one says crochet, but still!  The cat is wearing a knit sweater in the picture.  I'm amazed someone could get a sweater on a cat without needing bandages from fingers to shoulders.

My doctor actually tells me to go get more fabric (she's a quilter) or yarn.  It helps with my anxiety issues.

This one is for my cousin Pat.  Every time I see something wine related on Facebook, I have to tag her.

Hope your week ahead is great!