Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tour de Fleece (day one)

The Tour de France started today.

Spinners around the world celebrate this by taking part in the Tour de Fleece.  They set goals for themselves, and spin lots of lovely fibre into lots of lovely yarn.

Since I'm a beginning spinner, this is my first year to participate.  My goals are fairly simple; just spin!  I have 235 g of Blue Face Leicester just waiting to be spun.

And here is the results of the first day:


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

After the storm

It's been a really hot day today.  We've been under a severe thunderstorm warning for several hours now.  Luckier than some areas; there was a tornado spotted near Moose Jaw.

We had a brief storm this evening.  Lots of rain, some thunder and lightning.  Windy, but not scary windy.

After the storm was over, I looked out the window and saw some strange clouds.

Hopefully the clouds are not the beginning of another storm.  This Saturday is the 100th anniversary of the 1912 Regina Tornado...we don't need another to commemorate the event!


Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Finish!

I finished my very first pair of hand knit socks today!

No, the pattern doesn't match, and one is pointer than the other; but who cares!  They're finished and they fit!

On to the next pair!


Saturday, 23 June 2012

At the Zoo

On Monday, I went to the Calgary Zoo.  In particular, I wanted to see the new penguin exhibit ("Penguin Plunge") and the tiger cubs.

I made it to the zoo just after the gates opened.  Good thing, 'cause I got into see the penguins without having to stand in a line up!

These were the penguins outside the exhibit.

And was feeding time!

The penguins were so close, you could literally put your hands over the small barrier and touch them.  Not that that would be a good idea, they would bite!  There were zoo staff there reminding people not to put their   hands in the water or touch the penguins.

My next destination was the tiger enclosure to see the babies.  But on the way, I came across the peacocks. It must be peacock mating season, as all over the park the males were displaying their lovely plumage.

The tiger cubs!  I was lucky that they were outside.

There were three of them, although I seem to only get pictures of two of them at a time.

I was there for a while, but finally momma tiger took her cubs back into their house.  A lady told me that usually the cubs are only out for a little while in the morning, and then not again until later in the afternoon.  I was lucky to see them.

More zoo next time!


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sunday in Canmore

On Sunday, Val, Michael and I went to Canmore.  It's a lovely place.

Canmore's signature mountain...the Three Sisters.

The lilacs were later than they were at home.  I had to stop and take a huge whiff of their perfume.

How many times have I been in Canmore and never realised that this river was so close?

On the way back to Okotoks, we went through Kananaskis country, and over the High Wood pass.  Michael tells me that this is the highest road in Canada.

We stopped for a photo op.  There was still a lot of snow there!

It was another wonderful day, with wonderful friends.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Saturday in Millarville

Home again, and time to do some catch up posts!  I had a wonderful weekend in Okotoks, and took lots of pictures.

Saturday was the Millarville Run to the Market half marathon.  Val and Micheal were taking part in it, and I was acting as support crew.

Up at 5:30 to get ready to go.  I went to let Penn out, and saw the beautiful mountains.

We got to Millarville at around 6:30.  The race started at 7:00, so we wanted a good parking spot, and time for the runners to warm up.

Some of the race marshalls...on horseback!  Only in Alberta...

And they're lined up to go...

And they're off!

Go Val!

After seeing them off, I drove to the Millarville racetrack, to watch them come in.  While I was waiting I had some breakfast, read some, and made some progress on my sock.

And here comes Michael!

A little while later, here comes Val!

Once the medals were around their necks (and what gorgeous medals they were!), we toured the Millarville market.  It's a wonderful farmer's market.  I bought mead, and lots of fibre.

I also bought some treats for the puppys, and pieces of elk antlers for them to chew on.

Later in the day, Val and I went for pedicures.  It was her late birthday present.

Pretty toes!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Running with the big dogs

Visiting my friends out at Okotoks.  Penn is having fun running with Chase and Tashi.

They're chasing each other all over the place.

Penn is doing his best to keep up.

The dogs are getting along well.  There wasn't much jockeying for position...Chase quickly determined that he is alpha.  Penn and Tashi haven't quite worked out their positions, but they don't seem to care too much.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Make Way for Goslings!

Remember that old children's book "Make Way for Ducklings"?

Here in Regina, it isn't ducklings we have to watch out for...its the goslings!

As I'm driving down Albert Street, I'm wondering why the heck traffic is slowing down.  Get a bit further along, and I discover the reason...

Several people stopped to herd them off Albert Street, and onto the sidewalk.

We herded them across 25th Avenue and on their way to Wascana Park.

They even crossed at the cross walk!


Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Dog Jog

The Regina Humane Society had its 21st Annual Dog Jog today.  Penn and I did a bit of fund raising, and participated in it.

It's a beautiful day today.  The weatherman had originally called for rain, but we had blue skies.  It wasn't too hot, and wasn't too cold.

Lots of people out, and lots of different kinds of dogs!

This little girl was thrilled to pet this little dog...the little dog was happy to be petted!

Penn was a little over-stimulated by all the dogs and people.  Instead of going all the way around the lake, we just did a short walk around the Legislature.  Then, with a hot dog and a can of diet coke, we sat on the steps of the Leg to watch the people (and dogs) go by.

Too bad my camera battery chose then to die!

Penn is now stretched out snoozing.  His toes are twitching, so he may still be walking around the lake in his dreams!