Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Funny

It's getting close to Christmas!  I still have some crafting to get done for presents, but for the most part I'm ready.  That's actually scaring me; I think I'm missing something!

I finished my fourteenth pair of socks yesterday!  No pictures yet, but I'll get them up this week.  I cast on my fifteenth pair yesterday.  My ipad decided to quit charging a couple of weeks ago and I'm finding that time I would have spent on the ipad is now being spent knitting.

Hoping you're enjoying the Christmas season, and not feeling rushed!



  1. That is so funny as I have been getting teacher/therapist gifts ready today and I feel like I am leaving someone out!

  2. I think I have almost everything ready for Christmas. Decided to make a few more presents so that's keeping me busy.