Thursday, 22 September 2016

My Calendar Says Today is the First Day of Fall

Though it's been feeling a bit like fall for a little while now.  Not so much that I've quit wearing my birks in place of socks and shoes,but enough that I've gone from capris to pants.

There's a couple of beautiful signs of Fall right outside my condo.  In the back, when I let the dogs out I see this tree.

It's already lost some of its leaves, but in the evening light it just glows.

And then out my front door, there's my daisy bush.  It develops buds when the weather turns cooler, and then the flowers burst open.

The bees love these flowers.  On a nice day, the bush will just be buzzing with the bees getting another feed before it gets too cold.

I have to admit that Fall isn't my favourite season, but I do love to see the trees turn colour and my daisies bloom!



  1. Fall is my favorite season, and I will never experience it here in Florida, can you send some Fall down here?

  2. I could send you some rain today, but I don't think that's something you're short of! Come mid winter I'll be asking you for some warmth.