Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WIP Wednesday

Haven't done much spinning in the last week.  I started spinning some yummy merino.  All was going well, until it got to be too thin and broke.  I couldn't get it to join again, so it's waiting for a bit until I can convince the fibre that it really wants to be spun!

And it's so pretty...

I'm also working on a sock

The colours aren't showing well in this picture.  It's more purple and green than it appears here.

It's hot and humid out there!  Hoping for a break in the weather that isn't accompanied by a massive storm!

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  1. You are using my favourite colours. I too hope this heat spell is over soon.

  2. Love that you can create your own yarn! Something I dream about doing but there is such a long list of things to try! I don't know if there is enough time in this lifetime!

  3. Love the colours you are using:) It's finally a bit cooler here today...24C at the moment. It's cloudy but no rain is forecast. I don't care as it's at least a decent temperature.

  4. Lovely spinning - great that you can knit with wool in summer.