Monday, 2 June 2014

It's June Already! Time for a Resolution Update!

How can it be June already? It seems like it was just yesterday the temperatures were below zero and we were getting snow still.  Oh, wait.  That was early May.

We had a lot of rain this weekend and things are now gorgeously green.  I bought a table and some chairs for my deck, and had a lovely Saturday morning sitting out there and knitting.  Now I need to tackle those weeds that have sprung up!

Since its June, it's time to take stock of how my crafting resolutions are going.  Just for a reminder, my crafting resolutions for 2014 are:
  • Knit 14 pairs of socks
  • Get my cricket loom put together and weave something
  • Finish the quilt I started in 2012.
So far, I've finished six pairs of socks, almost finished another pair, and have one orphan sock that I'm not sure will have a mate.

My loom still isn't put together.  I have some time off mid-June and putting it together is on my to-do list.

I'm still sewing strips together on the quilt.  I have seven sets of six strips still to sew, and then I can start cutting.  Not much progress here and I need to get working on this if I'm going to meet this goal by the end of December.

This week has a fibre related event.  Thursday night is the wind-up for the Regina Weavers and Spinner Guild.  We're having a pot luck supper.  There will be good food, good conversation and lots of show and share.


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  1. You should put together your loom this weekend, you will love it.
    Hugs to you,