Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Things Acquired in the last couple of weeks

I feel slightly like a Ferengi, talking about the Rules of Acquisition.  They must have had a rule about getting all the fabric!

Anyway, the day after my class at Peachtree I stopped at Fabricland to pick up some more zippers.  I truly honestly swear to Dog that I was just going in, grabbing some zippers, paying and going out.

But I stopped to look at fabric and found some Mary Engelbreit fabric.  It was in the marked down section; only $5.00/metre!  I couldn't help it, I had to get some!

I probably didn't need two metres of each, though.  Oh well, like the bottom one says "I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it".

Then, last Friday, I stopped in Cindy-rella's on my way to get my flu shot.  These fabrics loudly campaigned to come home with me, so what could I do?

For some reason, Cindy sells fabric by the yard rather than the metre.  I bought half a yard of each of these, so I'll have two American fat quarters.  American fat quarters are smaller than Canadian fat quarters, so I have to be careful when I'm cutting it for project bags.

I've already used the green fabric to make a bag.  Katie helped by holding down the fabric for me.


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  1. Looks like Katie is doing a great job lol She has good taste