Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday Finishes....and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Hope the weather holds out for the kids to go out trick and treating.  I stopped at the grocery store and bought some candy.  I didn't want to buy it any earlier than today, because I knew that I would eat it all.  I also didn't buy any chocolate, since that is my weakness.   I don't usually get many (or some years any!) kids at my place, but since Halloween is on a Friday this year there might actually be some.

Not a lot got finished this week.  I did get a bag done yesterday.

It's part of my sister's Christmas present (she doesn't read my blog; at least I don't think she does!).  I used part of the leftover zipper to make a zipper pull on this one.  I'm going to put some 'purse things' in it; lip gloss, some hard candies, hand lotion, etc.

I also finished the first sock in my 13th pair.

It looks lonely there!  I've cast on its mate and have about an inch done.



  1. Love the sock, have fun tonight giving out candy, hope you get some trick or treaters.

  2. hope you had a fun night! I like how the bag turned out and your sock is so cool! looks like zebra print. take care, have a good week! thanks for visiting my blog today :)