Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday Finish

I almost didn't have any finishes this week.  I've been sick, and didn't even have the energy to pick up my knitting needles.

Today was my day off.  I had hoped that I would feel well enough to go out and get some errands done.  That didn't happen.  We received several centimetres of snow, and I just didn't feel up to fighting the snow and fighting the crowds out to do some Black Friday shopping.

I decided in the afternoon that I wanted to do some sewing.  So, I pulled out the Mickey Mouse fabric I bought a few weeks ago, and made a new project bag.

Quilting the fabric prior to making the bag takes more time than making the bag itself does.  From start to finish, this bag took about two hours to do.

And the inside

I didn't make a zipper pull for it yet.  I've ordered some charms off Etsy, and I'm waiting for them to arrive.  I did make one pull though.

I have other pouches that still need pulls, so it will get used.

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  1. we both seem to be making bags lately, and it seems we both also thought it was a great idea to make one today and stay home out of the snow--we got lots up here too, m

  2. Love the bag, so hope you are feeling better today.