Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ready, Set, Spin!

Today is the start of the Tour de France.  For spinners around the world that means its the start of the Tour de Fleece!

Spinning wheels and spindles are now whirling while spinners are creating lots of lovely yarns.  Teams are formed, mostly on Ravelry, and goals are set.  (You're a knitter and not on Ravelry?  Get over there!  It's free to join and a wonderful resource for knitters and crocheters!)

The team I am on is called Team Golden Willow (after our favourite LYS).  Our team is fairly laid back when it comes to setting goals; set your own goal and just have fun!

My goal this year is to simply spin a little bit every day.  I'm using my Tabachek top whorl spindle, and this lovely fibre I got in March from The Wacky Windmill.  It was for a March Spin-a-long, but I didn't get started on it until later.  I've been puttering at this for a couple of months now, and would like to get it finished by the time the Tour ends.

This picture was taken yesterday at lunchtime.

I might get my spinning wheel oiled and going too.  I haven't used it since last year, but I'm feeling like I might get it going again.

What fibrey things have you done today?


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  1. Good for you, I'd love to learn how to spin. Your color is gorgeous.
    Hugs and good luck,