Sunday, 13 July 2014

Soccer Sunday

I intended today to get some sewing done, since it wouldn't be too hot in my craft room.  But then I started watching the final game of the World Cup, and there went my plans!  I wasn't actively cheering for either team since my team was long ago eliminated.

I did get some sock knitting done, and I might still go into the craft room after supper and sew a bit.  I'm wanting a small pouch for my purse to put my lip gloss in since I'm forever losing it in the depths.

How was your Sunday?



  1. Very funny cartoon. I got very tied up watching that game, too it was very exciting.

  2. Jeremy and I enjoyed the game as well. I got some knitting done, but had to put it down a bit of the way through the start. Jeremy and I ended up walking home.