Thursday, 12 March 2015

In The Mail

I got some new pretties in the mail in the last week.

First there was this sock yarn I got from Webs.

They're both Mrs. Crosby Train Case sock yarn.  The one on the left is Toucan colourway; the one on the right is Winter Wheat.  The yarn is 55% superwash merino wool, 15% nylon, and 30% outlast which is a rayon fibre.  It's supposed to moderate temperature to keep from becoming too hot or too cold.

Then I got this on Tuesday:

Like it says on the box, it's a software program to design quilts.  It's a very basic program, but that's good since I don't have any desire to design or make complicated quilts.  I haven't loaded it on my computer yet, that may happen this weekend.

Hope your week is going well!


1 comment:

  1. There is nothing as fun as yarn in the mail. Love the colors.