Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Battle with the Yarn Continues

Happy Sunday!

Remember the yarn that didn't want to be socks?  I started knitting it into a Hitchhiker scarf, and it was very happy.  It knit beautifully. Until Friday night, when I was knitting on it while I was watching a movie on Netflix (Romancing The didn't really age well).  I noticed that I had dropped a couple of stitches a couple of rows back.  Unfortunately, it was in a place where I couldn't just use a crochet hook to fix the stitch.  So I tinked (unknit) in order to get back to the spot so I could fix it.  But stitches started dropping off the needles all over the place!  And I couldn't find my small crochet hook to catch them.

So I gave up for the night, with a resolve to fix it in the morning.  Except in the morning, I found that one of the dogs had pulled the scarf around and managed to pull more stitches off the needles.

The yarn is now in time out, until I decided whether it will be better to rip back a few (many?) rows to fix it, or to just rip the whole thing out and start over.  Right now, starting over is winning.

And how was your weekend?


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  1. Sometimes yarn has to go in time out so it can learn its lesson and behave. Little Buddy got put in the '
    "make a better choice chair" at school a few weeks ago because he was throwing toys off the table at table time. It made me laugh.