Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday the 13th

I'll admit it; I'm triskaidekaphobic.  When I've been in car accidents, its been on Friday the 13th.   For years I refused to drive at all that day.  These days, I try not to drive in the evening.   It's a good day to stay in bed, preferably with the covers over my head.

I'm still on vacation today.  For at least this morning, I'm going to just relax, have a cup of tea and knit.  I started a baby hat yesterday, and hope to finish it today.  The baby is coming next Wednesday.

Our resident ducks are back!  A pair of ducks have made our green space their summer home for the last few years.  Yesterday morning when I let Penn out, they went flapping off quacking loudly in protest.

I went to Dutch Growers earlier this week.  So nice to be around growing things!  Stepping into the greenhouse, the aroma of damp earth and growing plants was relaxing.  I treated myself to a plant.



  1. well, I learned something today! I had no idea that there was such a thing as Triskaidekaphobia! Or, I didn't know there was a word for the fear of Friday the 13th!
    Also, those Gerber Daisies are gorgeous!

  2. the pink and green are so beautiful together :)