Sunday, 22 April 2012

Getting Things Done

I've decided that I'm going to move my craft room down into the basement.  It will give me more room to work on my quilting in particular, and give me more storage space for the rest of my craft supplies.  I'm slowly gathering things to create the space, and gathering ideas on how to set it up.

I've actually had some finishes in the last week!  My friend Val has a new grandson, and I thought I would try to make something for him.  Doing anything quilty is out of the question, as Val is also a quilter.  I decided to try making baby hats for him...I've never made hats before or knit in the round.  I'm pleased that they turned out well!

Val sent me a picture of the baby wearing his new hat.

 And of big sister with the Beanie Baby I gave her (big sisters need presents too!)

 Had a lovely visit with Val while she was here.  Looking forward to going to visit her and Michael in June.

I liked making the baby hats so much, I decided to make a hat for myself.

Amazingly, it fits on my large head!


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