Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Road trip!

The Sister and I (plus the dogs) drove up to Saskatoon for the day.  We went to do a little shopping, eat lunch at Fuddruckers, and just enjoy a change in scenery.

A stop at Periwinkle was mandatory.  I'll take a picture of what I bought and post it tomorrow.

Since we had the dogs with us, we drove out to the U of S to walk them.  I came across this new water fountain there:

It even has a fountain at dog level!  I was going to let Penn have a drink, but it wasn't working (yet?)

Took a couple of pictures of birch trees there

I may play with these (and a few others) on Picmonkey, and see what I can do with them.

Downtown Saskatoon.  

If the weather holds, I think I'll go for a walk around Wascana Lake, and get some new pictures of the Legislature Building.


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