Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WIP Wednesday

So many projects in progress!!

Further progress made on the April showers scarf

A silk Hitchhiker scarf started for my sister

Had my first spinning class this evening.  I have homework to finish before next week.

Getting close to being done the basket case wall-hanging.

Penn needs to oversee my work.



  1. All lovely work:) Your April showers scarf is turning out to be very interesting.

  2. how cool that you are tackeling spinning! Are you going to Golden Willow for your lessons?

  3. I'm a spinning school drop-out. :( It's way harder than it looks. Maybe I need to take an actual class. Learning from a book didn't work for me. I like your scarves! Will have to look up the Hitchhiker scarf pattern. Very mysterious!

  4. Wow, that hitchhiker silk scarf is just gorgeous. We have sheep but I'm not even tempted to learn spinning. But good for you!