Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Make Way for Goslings!

Remember that old children's book "Make Way for Ducklings"?

Here in Regina, it isn't ducklings we have to watch out for...its the goslings!

As I'm driving down Albert Street, I'm wondering why the heck traffic is slowing down.  Get a bit further along, and I discover the reason...

Several people stopped to herd them off Albert Street, and onto the sidewalk.

We herded them across 25th Avenue and on their way to Wascana Park.

They even crossed at the cross walk!



  1. My oh my, Dinner... Well, I guess that is frowned upon, eh? When I was quite young there were not many Canada Geese around, they became a protected species, I think, now, there are far too many of them especially in our city parks where it is not possible to spread a blanket on the grass between goose poop plops!

    1. There have always been a lot of Canada Geese in Regina...goes back to when the power plant was operating on Wascana Lake and there was open water all year round. In a few weeks there will be a goose round up, and the young ones will be relocated to different areas.