Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Look what followed me home!

I went to Golden Willow today, to pick up some circular needles.  I need a bit of a break from the socks I'm making.

I no sooner got in the store than Sharon (the lovely lady who owns it) came up and asked if I needed a spindle.  I didn't really need a spindle, but couldn't resist looking.  There were still some spindles left from the retreat on the weekend.  Some lovely Maggies, and even better, some Tabacheks.

I don't have a Tabachek spindle, but my fibrey friends sing their praises.  There were support spindles, and top whorl spindles.  The top whorls called to me.  And this one decided it was coming home with me.

The whorl is Yukatan Rosewood, and the shaft is oak.  It weighs 42 grams.

I think I know which fibre I'll spin with this!  I'm feeling the spinning mojo return!


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