Monday, 13 February 2012

Just another Manic Monday

Well, maybe not so manic.  It was my day off, so I decided I was just going to putter around.  I made some progress on the cleaning project--I can start to see some surfaces now!  I also worked on the "I'm not a basket case" wall hanging.

It's not as bright as it appears in this pictures...I used a Kansas Troubles charm pack to make it so its a little dustier in colour.  The binding is now completely sewn on.  I just need to hand sew it on the back.

I also started a new Baktus scarf for myself.  I'm using Noro Taiyo sock yarn to make it.  No picture yet.

Tonight was knit night at the Wok Box.  I had the Singapore Cashew stir fry for supper, and then got a lot done on the Baktus.

Penn wanted to come with me:

I have a follower!  Thanks Brenda, you made my day!



  1. oh Penn is a real sweetheart - how can you refuse a face like that? I like your I'm Not a Basket Case, although for me it would end up being I am a Basket Case!

  2. Basket blocks are so versatile. This reminds me that I have some citrus fabric cut for a stack and whack quilt done in this pattern.

  3. Now that's my idea of a fun night...knitting at a Chinese restaurant...craft and food:) Your little dog is so cute.

  4. Lovely wall hanging - and cute pup!

  5. Love the name of your wall hanging! The fabric looks great too.

  6. I love your basket block! I made a whole quilt with red and blues. It's a lovely combination, I think. My friends mentioned that it might be sort of American, but I don't think so. I had no stars or stripes.

    How does your dog stay in the bag? Did you have to teach him? I also don't understand how places let dogs in as long as they don't touch the floor?!? Why does that make such a difference, I wonder. In Europe people bring their dogs into restaurants all the time and no one dies of whatever.

    1. He doesn't stay in the bag...he had just jumped into a bag on the floor while I was getting ready to go out. When we go out, he goes on a leash and his own feet.

      It would be nice if more places were dog friendly. I was at Banff over Christmas, and the stores there are extremely dog friendly.

  7. If Penn was mine, I'd never leave the house. How cute!! Pretty wall hanging.