Friday, 17 February 2012

A Very Foggy Friday

When I went to let Penn out this morning, I noticed that it seemed to be foggy.

Got in the car, and driving to work it became extremely foggy. I grabbed my camera out of my purse and tried to get some pictures.

At the corner of Broad and Broadway.  Normally, downtown Regina is clear.

Same corner as I was going back to work after lunch.

Buildings are clearer, but the fog is still hanging around.  Hoarfrost was collecting on the trees.  I was hoping that it would still be on after work, but it was all gone.  Maybe in the morning.

Penn didn't care.  He was enjoying being outside for a bit.


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  1. We will be getting heavy fog soon in the mornings as it starts to warm up. When we had a dog we had to take a look around first before we let her out because sometimes hidden in the fog was a skunk or two. In the spring when they come out of hibernation they are so stunned and wander around.