Thursday, 17 April 2014

Catching Up: Victoria (Part Two)

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a day wandering through the Royal BC museum.  I could have spent even more time there, as I didn't see everything.  I was on the lookout for anything fibre-related, though, and found some lovely things.

A beautiful Singer sewing machine.  I have a passion for these machines.  They're not only functional, but they're a work of art.  My grandmother had a treadle Singer, and I loved to push down on the treadle.

A carder, still with wool in it.

This was in the First Nations gallery.  A spindle with wool attached, a whorl in the foreground, and some balls of yarn.   In the background is a simple loom for weaving.

Here's the details on the whorl.  Again, functional and beautiful.

While I was in Victoria, we were in the midst of yet another of the Polar Vortexes that happened this winter.  Even Victoria was feeling it's affects.  Everyone was bundled up in their heavy winter coats.  I was wearing my light winter felt like Spring to me.  But Victoria clearly wasn't prepared to be at -1C;

This was the fountain in front of the BC Parliament Building.  It had become an interesting ice sculpture, handcrafted by Mother Nature.


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  1. I really like that fountain picture, what a contrast with the green grass and sunshine in the background. Really cool spindles too!