Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sunday Funnies--Cats and Yarn!

Hello!  As you can tell, from my profile picture, I am owned by a cat.  Here's Katie, doing her best to be a scary Halloween cat.

So when I was going through Google Images looking for a theme for today, I found that there are a lot of memes showing cats with yarn.  So...

Sneaky kitty!

Katie doesn't disguise herself as wool to get me to notice her.  She just comes up and plops herself on top of my hands so I can't knit.

I posted on Facebook on Friday that it took me an hour to unravel the yarn barf that came out of the ball of yarn I wanted to knit with.  I would not be happy if I had to unravel due to one of the animals making a mess of it!

I love the cross eyed look as the cat is trying to focus on the needle!

Hmmm.  Maybe one of these days I need to knit a little hat for either Katie or Penn....

Have a good week!

PS. Why, in this day and age, does spellcheck not recognize Google or Facebook?



  1. I love the one with the cat wrapped up in the yarn.

    Giroux got yarn tangled on his back foot and panicked. In falling off the table he pulled the yarn, the yarn bowl and my project all on the floor with him. I think I heard him say DamnIT too.

    1. Poor baby (but that is kind of funny!)

      My sister's dog is the one who tends to get tangled up in my yarn. She'll be heading downstairs and there's a trail of yarn behind her.