Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sunday Funny

Happy Sunday!

We're having beautiful weather right now.  Yesterday felt more like a summer day than fall, and there was actually a thunder storm during the middle of the night.  The forecast says it will be cooler and rainy later this week, but so far no mention of the 's' word.

I decided today that instead of looking for knitting cartoons on Google images that I would look for knitting memes.  There are some great ones out there!

For example

Okay, that one says crochet, but still!  The cat is wearing a knit sweater in the picture.  I'm amazed someone could get a sweater on a cat without needing bandages from fingers to shoulders.

My doctor actually tells me to go get more fabric (she's a quilter) or yarn.  It helps with my anxiety issues.

This one is for my cousin Pat.  Every time I see something wine related on Facebook, I have to tag her.

Hope your week ahead is great!



  1. I actually OWN that sweater. It used to be on a stuffed moose.

    Not sure Giroux would appreciate wearing it though. Probably not enough band-aids in the box for that!

  2. Nope, there is no way my cat would get it on either!

  3. I have said that last saying many times. Love all of them even if the cat is in a knitted sweater.