Thursday, 13 October 2016

Three Weeks Later

This seems to be turning out into a weekly look out my patio door!

As you can see, the snow is mostly gone.  I don't get a lot of direct sunlight on my deck this time of year, so there is still some snow hanging in there.  I need to get out there and get things ready for winter.  The solar lights need to come in, the furniture needs to be folded up and covered, and the basin of the bird bath needs to be taken off and brought in.

But today seems to be starting out bright even if it's a little cool.  Thank goodness for sunshine!



  1. Your view from your patio looks like it give you a good picture of the weather. Hope you get a few more days when it is warm enough to enjoy sitting outside for a bit.

  2. I am glad the snow is gone for a few days just to remind you it really is Autumn and not Winter!