Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sunday Funnies (Downton Abbey Edition)

The day is grey and cool outside, and I feel like Knitflixing today.  I think I'm in a Downton Abbey mood today.  The Dowager Countess has definite opinions about knitting...

You especially don't discuss it with non-fibre people!  They just don't understand why you need that skein of sock yarn when you already have a couple of bins full of sock yarn.  But you don't have that one!

I'm afraid I do use stitch markers.  Otherwise I forget where that darn pattern starts on my row and suddenly the cable is decidedly wonky.

I've reached the age where if I get interrupted, I have no idea where I'm at.  If I'm counting large numbers, I'm likely to get nasty if I've lost track.

And one from Lady Mary

I've never experienced this...

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I've never experienced that either. Wonder what it FEELS like! LOL

    To answer your heel question on the Dragonfly socks ---- you work over 60 stitches until you get to the heel ---- what I do is add 1 stitch on each needle on my last row of the leg. Then I go down a half needle size to a 1-1/2 (from a 2) and work it as my regular 64 stitch sock. I don't do the pattern down the foot --- just plain stockinette. That's the part in my shoe. So, it doesn't need a pattern.

  2. Those are all so wonderful.